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Nadia Instrument

This automated benchtop microfluidic droplet-based platform encapsulates upto 8 samples in parallel in under 20 minutes.

Reproduceablity coupled with cost effectiveness, this instrument is highly desired when deciding to perform single cell RNAseq.

Price listed is the cost per sample. Price includes sequencing and all QC associated with the preparing and sequencing samples.

Discounts offered for batches greater than 4 samples!

How can I submit my samples for scRNAseq?


Contact the facility to discuss experiment timelines

scRNAseq is very delicate and requires special care of samples. Before performing your experiment, meet with our staff to discuss your experiment timelines and potential submission date. Email Saboor Hekmaty at to schedule an appointment to discuss your scRNAseq needs.


Complete a Submission Request

Using the link below, complete a scRNAseq submission form. Outline all the services you are interested in.


Prepare your samples for submission

Facility staff should be informed of your submission prior to your arrival. In anticipation of your submission, staff will be on standby to properly receive and process your samples.

Cells should washed and resuspended in 1X PBS. Pass the cells through a 40 um cell strainer. Count the cell and check the viability.

We require at least 150K filtered cells per sample (viability >85%) in a volume of 500 ul of PBS buffer in a 1.5ml microcentrifuge tube. 


Drop-off samples to the facility

Proceed to drop off your samples to the facility. We are located in the Hess Building (1470 Madison Ave) on the 6th floor, room 301.

Samples can be dropped off strictly between the hours of 9:30 AM thru 11 AM, Monday thru Friday

Due to the delicate nature of samples, samples are processed immediately to arrive at a safe stop point, after which they are stored appropriately. Therefore, sample submissions beyond the timelines mentioned above will not be accepted.

To Submit your samples for scRNAseq, please navigate to the scRNAseq Submission Form


1470 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10029

Phone: (212) 824-9163


Ravi Sachidanandam
Facility Director

Saboor Hekmaty
Operations Manager