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Sanger Sequencing


Sanger Sequencing

Poor Resolution on your Sanger data? Signal to noise ratio low, again?

Why not sequence with those that value quality?

When comparing against other commercially available vendors, we deliver quality data... Time and Time again!!

How can I submit samples for Sanger Sequencing?


Complete a Submission Request

Using the link below, complete a submission form. Follow the instructions outlined on the sequencing.


Prepare your samples for submission

We require 20ng of sample in a volume of 10ul.

If you would like to provide sequencing primers, please provide 10ul at a concentration of 20uM (concentration must be exact for optimum results).

Submission of upto 16 samples can be made using attached-cap nuclease free PCR strip tubes. 

Submissions in excess of 16 samples should be submitted in a nuclease free 96-well PCR plate.


Drop-off samples to the facility

Proceed to drop off your samples to the facility. We are located in the Hess Building (1470 Madison Ave) on the 6th floor, room 301.

Samples can be dropped off between the hours of 11 AM thru 4 PM, Monday thru Friday.

If you would like to schedule sample drop off, you can email Saboor Hekmaty at

To Submit your samples for  Sanger Sequencing, please navigate to the Sanger Sequencing Submission Form


1470 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10029

Phone: (212) 824-9163


Ravi Sachidanandam
Facility Director

Saboor Hekmaty
Operations Manager