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Covaris Shearing

Schedule time on our Focused-Ultrasonicator. You can use the instrument to sonicate your sample.

The price listed is the cost per sample.

How can I schedule time on the Covaris Sonicator?


Complete a Submission Request

Using the link below, complete a submission form. Outline the number of samples you will be shearing.

If this is the first time scheduling time on the instrument, please keep in mind that you will have to undergo a one-time training session, intended to prevent an unnecessary intrument down time due to improper use.


Contact the facility to determine instrument availability

Email Saboor Hekmaty at to determine instrument availability and a timeline that would best fit your experiment.

The Sonicator is available between the hours of 11 AM thru 4 PM, Monday thru Friday.


Prepare samples and arrive at the scheduled time

Prepare your samples for sonication. 

Arrive at the facility at the decided time to utilize the instrument. We are located in the Hess Building (1470 Madison Ave) on the 6th floor, room 301.

Upon completion of sonication, clean up the work space to its original state.

To schedule time on the Covaris sonicator, please navigate to the Covaris Utilization Form


1470 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10029

Phone: (212) 824-9163


Ravi Sachidanandam
Facility Director

Saboor Hekmaty
Operations Manager