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Cell Line Authentication


Cell Line Authentication

Looking to authenticate your cell lines?

Targeting 15 STR Loci and Amelogenin, while using a five-dye fluorescent system, we can efficiently profile and authenticate your cell lines.

We will cross-reference your STR findings against our validated database.

Not only will we share with you the STR profiles for your cell line, we will also share with you the results of our analysis pipeline, which offers a percent match to commercially available cell lines.

How can I submit samples for Cell Line Authentication?


Complete a Submission Request

Using the link below, complete a submission form.

Outline the number of samples you will be submitting.

Outline the input material (tissue, cells or DNA)


Prepare your samples for submission

We require 10ng of DNA for the Assay. 

If DNA extraction is to be performed, please provide adequate material to obtain 10ng of DNA.


Drop-off samples to the facility

Proceed to drop off your samples to the facility. We are located in the Hess Building (1470 Madison Ave) on the 6th floor, room 301.

Samples can be dropped off between the hours of 11 AM thru 4 PM, Monday thru Friday.

If you would like to schedule sample drop off, you can email Saboor Hekmaty at

To submit samples for Cell Line Authentication, please navigate to the Cell Line Authication Form


1470 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10029

Phone: (212) 824-9163


Ravi Sachidanandam
Facility Director

Saboor Hekmaty
Operations Manager